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Sepultura - The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996 download flac mp3

  • Performer: Sepultura
  • Album: The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996
  • MP3: 1569 mb | FLAC/APE: 1982 mb | WMA: 1776 mb
  • Released: 2017
  • Country: US
  • Style: Thrash, Death Metal, Industrial
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Votes: 574
Sepultura - The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996 download flac mp3

Download Sepultura - The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996 FREE


Morbid Visions
Morbid Visions
Troops Of Doom
Show Me The Wrath
Funeral Rites
Empire Of The Damned
Bestial Devastation
The Curse
Bestial Devastation
Warriors Of Death
From The Past Comes the Storms
To The Wall
Escape To The Void
Inquisition Symphony
Screams Behind The Shadows
Septic Schizo
The Abyss
R.I.P (Rest In Pain)
Troops Of Doom (Bonus)
Beneath The Remains
Beneath The Remains
Inner Self
Strong Than Hate
Mass Hypnosis
Sarcastic Existence
Slave Of Pain
Primitive Future
Dead Embryonic Cells
Desperate Cry
Altered State
Under Siege (Regnum Irae)
Meaningless Movements
Infected Voice
Chaos A.D.
Slave New World
Biotech Is Godzilla
We Who Are Not As Others
The Hunt
Clenched Fist
Roots Bloody Roots
Breed Apart
Born Stubborn
Endangered Species


Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
R2 556159 Sepultura The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996 ‎(Box, Comp + CD, Album, RE + CD, Album, RE + CD, Al) Roadrunner Records R2 556159 US 2017
R2 556159, 081227944032 Sepultura The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996 ‎(Box, Comp + CD, Album, RE + CD, Album, RE + CD, Al) Roadrunner Records, Roadrunner Records R2 556159, 081227944032 Europe 2017
R1 556159 Sepultura The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996 ‎(Box, Comp + LP, Album, RE, Red + LP, Album, RE, Ma) Roadrunner Records R1 556159 US 2017
R1 556159, 081227944001 Sepultura The Roadrunner Albums: 1985-1996 ‎(Box, Comp + LP, Album, RE, Red + LP, Album, RE, Ma) Roadrunner Records, Roadrunner Records R1 556159, 081227944001 Europe 2017

The four first albums definitely sound better here than the cd's I have. "Schizophrenia" and "Beneath The Remains" has more power, guts, and punch and has a warmer, more dynamic sound than the horrible ultra-digital sounding Sepultura Remasters cd-series from 1997. "Arise" sounds warmer, fuller, more natural and punchier than the thin and flat sounding original 1991 cd. "Chaos A.D." sounds warm and dynamic, but maybe a bit duller than the original 1993 cd. The cd has a bit more air to it (typical pre-remaster 90's cd sound), while the vinyl just sounds more analog. This ends up being a matter of taste, for me, I would play the vinyl here, but keep the cd for the hidden bonus track which is not included on the vinyl. "Roots" is the worst sounding record here. Dull and muddy at a very low volume, it has no power, guts or dynamics, no fun. Definitely the 1996 cd is the pick here, which sounds like this record is supposed to sound: Raw, powerful and HUGE.
The quality of the sleeves and innersleeves is really poor. The sound quality acceptable.For the price it costs (120€) it's not a good deal in my oppinion.
Lazy work on this one. It uses the 1997 remasters, so if you have those nothing new in this box set sound wise. Roots uses the original mastering. No bonus tracks. Each disc comes in a vinyl replica cardboard sleeve, no lyrics or other extras. Quite disappointing. If you simply want listening copies of these albums that are easy to carry around, this will do. Definitely not worth the full price, as you can get the remasters pretty cheap.
My copy of roots has some low surface noise, apart from that it is a good one.
lucky kitten
About one minute of the song C2 "From The Past Comes the Storms" is missing. It's just blank! Anyone else has this faulty pressing?
Gold as Heart
This box is worth every penny!!!! The quality is great... looks amazing.. plus when you do the math its like $20 an LP.
Superior production, most importantly LPs play very, very well. Sound is clean, just a tad low but rectified by turning up the volume a few dB.Note, U.S. version does not include the download codes. If that is important go for the European set.Only negative is that the b/w liners are a little cheap and the album covers could have been printed on a bit heavier stock. Bottom line, still a great value.
Hi there, please put photos of the cd's back covers
Why not call this 'The Max Era' collection? Against and Nation are both Roadrunner releases. Why not include them?
I am very happy with the pressing. As a fan you need this set. Killer band laying down the road for generations to walk on.
Mr Freeman
I am only happy with the packaging. The vinyl quality is poor as always when it comes to releases by RHINO. Background noise, cracks and pops & warped vinyl. If only MOV made this box set...The sound quality is o.k., but the cheap vinyl they use is full of background noise. Listening to the beginning of ''Under Siege'' is painful for my ears. Sounds like someone is digging in sand.Thank god I still have my old scratched first pressing of Arise that has 0 background noise and sound quality is heavenly.
Receiving it tomorrow. Will post my thoughts.
one life
jedidale Receiving it tomorrow. Will post my thoughts. Still waiting
Does anyone have any info on the quality of the pressings in this set?I have had trouble with Rhino Records before, going through 2 copies of their awful pressing of Kyuss - Sky Valley before finding a different pressing that sounded much better (not Rhino).
Can you elaborate on the 'not like the Pantera Box Set' regarding completeness? I have this and it's about as complete as it can be imo.
Kyuss - Sky Valley is only press and repress by Rhino
I agree with you. I also like the Pantera boxset. The only problem is Southern Trendkill and its layout and length. I also own the rhino 2lp reissue https://www.discogs.com/Pantera-The-Great-Southern-Trendkill/release/3758900 but still is not 100%. That's why I keep the cd https://www.discogs.com/Pantera-The-Great-Southern-Trendkill/release/883913 despite I gave up cd's and sold them all.
Only listened 1 times, but the sound is good in my opinion. Covers are printed very well and the records are complete. (not like the Pantera Box Set) I think it`s a good deal!
Ok, here's very fast summary:Morbid Visions / Bestial Devastation - okSchizophrenia - okBeneath The Remains - failArise - okChaos A.D. - okRoots - okThe whole boxset - ok, I don't regret, I'm happy I own it.
Does anyone have any further updates on the audio quality of this set?
The song itself is fine, no noise, just on the dead wax like the step.
No LP120, its a vintage QueOn with AT95E. I tried Arise on two other turntables with different cartridges with even worst results. @JiriSmahel, I believe your copy is fine, its the last 2 minutes of the song, very noticeable during high pitch solo. I'm getting a replacement and will update results.Update, new copy arrived same distortion on the Arise album... So disappointed. My copy is the US not the EU.
You are right, when the song ends, there is a noise like someone steps on sand. Short but hearable.
Grim_Skunk I'm assuming you have an AT LP120? That's what I also have, so there is a chance I might get inner groove distortion? :(This seems like it could have been a really nice box set, but maybe I'll just track down original pressings.
Near the end of Infected Voice, there's lots of distortion with my AT95E cartridge... It's setup correctly, You didn't notice any distortion?
Listening to Roots on headphones right now, can't hear any noise even between songs.
Continuing with Arise, it sounds quite decent, not disappointed at all. Compared with first US cd pressing and sounds very similar, vinyl is a bit darker, not so bright but I think it's a format issue. Definitely thumb up for Arise.
They sound decent to me, especially for the price. The only thing is, I wish they were 2x LPs each album. The tracks are almost to the label... If you have issues with inner groove distortion with your cartridge this might be an issue.
OK, received the set. I haven't completed listening but I did listen to all of Roots, Arise and Beneath the Remains.I feel it sounded good. Better than my CDs but I didn't AB test it.The box is nice and the jackets have nice sharp printing. Chaos AD jacket is a bit overblown and bright however.Hurry if you want a good deal at ccmusic.comI picked it up for $76 shipped.Preliminary score will be an 8/10
I kind of put up with the quality issues and didn't expect anything superb as I take this box as a collectable item. If anyone's looking for best mastering you can be happier with those original releases.
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