Warning signs of hormonal imbalance.

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Your early 20s are a time when life is full of fun. Both living life Eating social drinking Therefore, it is considered an age that is important for health. What you might not expect is a hormonal imbalance. that may occur during this age especially women Hormones play an important role in regulating the functioning of various organs in the body, such as the body’s mood and metabolism. sexual performance, etc., even if you are still at a young age

But that doesn’t mean hormones can’t be out of balance. Because in fact, there are many women who suffer from hormonal imbalance problems without realizing it. And here’s what you should know about your hormones.

Hormonal functions

Normally, hormones are responsible for regulating the functioning of various organs in the body, such as

  • Growth Hormone produced by the pituitary gland. It will help with childhood growth. and helps repair worn-out parts of the body in adulthood
  • Thyroid hormone (Thyroid Hormone) ufabet https://ufabet999.app produced by the thyroid gland. It will help take care of the metabolism system. If thyroid hormones are low They will easily become fat and sluggish. But obesity cannot be blamed solely on hormonal abnormalities. Because as long as you eat the same amount of food but don’t exercise at all. As you get older, it’s easy for you to get fatter.

Signs and symptoms that indicate that hormone levels in the body are unbalanced or impaired

  • In men, symptoms include fatigue, tiredness, blurred memory, lack of concentration, and lack of sexual drive. Deteriorated or decreased sexual performance, back pain, joint pain, lack of vigor, decreased strength, depression, depression, disillusionment with life. Irritability, irritability, panic, anxiety, high stress.
  • In women, the symptoms are quite obvious and easier to notice, such as not having a period for at least 12 consecutive months, which is called menopause. This causes hot flashes, sweating, lethargy, lack of vitality, depressed mood, irritability, stress, anxiety, blurred memory or lack of concentration, headache, sagging breasts, unsatisfactory sexual response, lack of moisture in the vagina, imbalance of hair and skin health, and most seriously, osteoporosis.

Because stress affects the production of hormones from the endocrine glands. Especially thyroid hormones And if any hormone decreases or has an abnormality It will affect the endocrine glands and other hormones as well. Therefore, we should take care of ourselves to be healthy according to the principles of Lifestyle Medicine to prevent hormonal imbalance problems, which consists of 6 parts that can be done. Simple as follows:

  • Food : Eating quality food that is high in protein, avoiding fatty meats. Don’t eat processed food. Eat green leafy vegetables and unsweetened fruits to get complete nutrition.
  • Exercise : Exercise regularly.
  • Sleep : Get quality sleep.
  • Stress Management : Managing stress, practicing meditation, keeping your mind calm.
  • Avoidance of Risky Substances : Avoid dangerous behaviors such as drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Social Connection : Having good relationships in our society will make us have good mental health.

    And another equally important point is to have regular annual health check-ups to screen for the risk of various diseases so that they can be prevented quickly, reduce the risk of severe spreading, and provide timely treatment.