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What behaviors should people with migraine avoid?

1 in 7 people around the world will experience migraine headaches at least once in their lives. And if you are. One of those people who have had migraine headaches. And even more so if you have ever had a migraine or suffer from constant

How should nutritious change as we age?

Eating a nutritious diet is important at any age. Each age group has different food needs. For example, young children need foods that are high in energy in order for their bodies to grow. But as we get older, we have to focus on eating

Problems annoying cellulite worrying.

Cellulite is a problem that affects more than 80-90% of women and 10% of men. It is cause by fat that builds up under the skin. Bad fat like cellulite is a problem that can be found in women and in some cases it can be found

Warning signs of hormonal imbalance.

Your early 20s are a time when life is full of fun. Both living life Eating social drinking Therefore, it is considered an age that is important for health. What you might not expect is a hormonal imbalance. that may occur during this age especially

Daily life with nearby chemicals dangerous than you think

Chemicals may sound dangerous. But in reality Both synthetic and natural chemicals are essential to human life. At the same time, if it is too much, it may have negative effects. Chemicals in everyday life are therefore like double-edged swords that can cause harm if

What causes a burning nose.

A burning nose is a common symptom. It can be cause by many reasons, such as allergic rhinitis or air allergies. Non-allergic rhinitis sinusitis Sudden changes in temperature and humidity in the air And infections in the respiratory system such, influenza, and the common cold