The media reveals that Barca had an opportunity to talk to De zerbi replacement.

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Barcelona have the opportunity to talk with Roberto de Zerbi representatives. Because the Brighton manager has the same group of trustees as Ronald Araujo.

Iban San Antonio, a correspondent for ‘Diario Sport’ reported on Wednesday that. Barcelona had the opportunity to meet with Edmundo Kabci and Edoardo Kernjar. Representatives of Ronald Araujo to discuss the 24-year-old defender’s future. And they also represented Brighton’s Italian manager Roberto de Zerbi ทางเข้า UFABET 

Kabchi and Kernjar came to Barcelona mainly to discuss Araujo’s future. As the player only has a contract with the club until 2026. They will have to talk with Azu’s team. La Grana on signing new player deals Amid news linked to Bayern Munich. Who are looking to bring in the Uruguayan national team center to strengthen the defense this summer. 

Interestingly, Kabchi and Kernyar are also the guardians of De Zerbi’s interests. And the 44-year-old Brighton manager is one of the coaches linked with a move to Barcelona Look for Xavi Hernandez’s replacement this summer. 

According to reports, Barcelona have spoken with Kabchi and Kernyar about De Zerbi to assess the situation as well. With the Azulgrana showing interest in the 44-year-old. The 44-year-old’s exciting attacking style of football. And his ability to get the most out of talented young players have impressed the Catalan giants paternal grandmother.