6 players who will solve the problem if Liverpool can’t sign a new

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6 players who will solve the problem if Liverpool can’t sign a new defensive midfielder.

Liverpool are looking for a defensive midfielder. Report from https://ufabet999.com

Jurgen Klopp has not yet add any new players to the team.

6 Liverpool players who can play in the engine room

Liverpool the giant club of the English Premier League, under the leadership of manager Jurgen Klopp continues to pursue a defensive midfielder. After releasing Fabinho and Jordan Hender to play in the Saudi Arabian league. finished

Of course, Romeo Lavia, the young Belgian star of Southampton It is still Liverpool’s first goal as before, but the “Reds” have to face big problems after the last 3 offers have been rejected.

1. Curtis Jones

The 22-year-old plays effectively as a defensive midfielder. And helped the England national team under 21 years old to win the Euro Championship last July impressively. In addition, in a warm game in Singapore He also played in the back four as well.

Of course, Jones is definitely tough on the ball. This can help Liverpool control the pace of the game. But the problem is The strength of the physical condition that must be tackled when winning the ball back. and the matter of reading the game

However, in games against smaller teams, Jones was able to play as a defensive midfielder, but Klopp was well aware of his nature. An attacking creative midfielder

2. Alexis McAllister

Mac Allister Used to serve as a number 6 midfielder for Brighton in many games last season And although his style of play is more focused on holding the ball than destroying the game, But it has the flexibility that keeps the game flowing.

In the final warm-up game that Liverpool defeated Darmstadt 3-1, the Argentine star kicked off. Standing as a defensive midfielder and did a great job But everyone knows that Mac Allister It is very prominent when playing as number 8 or 10.

3. Dominic Zobozlai

It might come as a surprise that Hungarian national team captain Must act as a defensive midfielder for Liverpool, but for  Sobos Lai, having played in such a position, both with the national team and former teams such as RB Leipzig

The 22-year-old star is full of technique, passes the ball well, holds the ball tight for sure. and have a vision But it would have been better if he had played in the role of a full-time playmaker for the “Reds”.

4. Thiago Alcantara

Thiago ‘s strengths are control of the rhythm, possession, passing and creating from deep. And referred to as a player who cuts the game aggressively But for several games last season, Klopp has used him in a holding-midfield role.

However, the problem is the Spanish kicker. Often have a physical condition that is not perfect which makes playing too lacking And may cause Liverpool’s game to lose some rhythm, but Thiago still has enough experience to survive the pressure.

5. Stefan Bajcetic

Bajcétic is considered the only natural defensive midfielder still in this Liverpool team and his performances in the past season. Used to make the main character like Fabinho have to bounce off as a substitute in many matches

Currently, the 21-year-old star player has just returned from injury. and in the process of calling fitness which if he has a perfect physical condition The real position may not be too much.

6. Trent Alexander-Arnold

Alexander-Arnold Begins pre-season with Liverpool as a defensive midfielder. It’s a solution Klopp has to deal with as Fabinho and Henderson negotiate a move to the Middle East.

However, Klopp has hinted that the 24-year-old will primarily operate at right-back. and move to make games at certain times But maybe if you still can’t find a new defensive midfielder Alexander-Arnold May have moved to stand in front of the back for a long time and let Joe Gomez act at right-back instead